We stimulate entrepreneurial spirit, new ideas and continuous improvement of our employees and work capacities. We believe in our team and all the employees that create our success story. Introducing innovation and professionalism in the working environment, enabling the best conditions for our employees and retaining high social responsibility practices are the main drivers behind our progress and success over the years.

Our Vision in the Food Industry is:

  • To provide top quality services for every food producer in the country.
  • To offer the most affordable market prices for industrial food ingredients and semi-finished food products that will increase the competitiveness of our clients.
  • To ensure fast, efficient and timely delivery of high quality industrial food products all over Macedonia.
  • To increase the portfolio of our industrial food programs in order to improve the quality of our clients’ products and increase consumer demand.
  • To continuously upgrade our operational and technical capabilities to offer higher value-added service packages for our clients.

Our Vision in Used Cooking Oil Management is:

  • To provide modern and reliable system for managing used cooking oils.
  • To raise public awareness on the negative effects of improper disposal of used cooking oil, which represents one of the biggest environmental polluters.
  • To provide the best eco services for collection, storage and treatment of used cooking oil, which stimulates the production of high quality, environmentally sustainable biodiesel.
  • To offer high quality, safe and efficient used cooking oil collection service to every waste producer in Macedonia.
  • To create green environmental values through implementation of innovative projects and educational campaigns for collection of used cooking oil from households.
  • To invest in new systems and business models for managing other types of non-hazardous waste as a valuable source of renewable energy, which will contribute to the development of a green circular economy.