Used cooking oil (UCO) is produced in large quantities by food industries and households every day. Due to inadequate disposal of this type of waste, it is the most common polluter of water and soil, accounting for ¼ of all pollution categories.

Following the international practices of green circular economy, in 2009 Sunilens introduced an innovative waste management system – collection, transportation, storage and treatment of used cooking oils and fats of vegetable origin (Waste code 20 01 25 – List of waste types published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia, no. 110/05). As pioneers in this industry, we have established an efficient and functional system for used cooking oil management over the entire territory of Macedonia. By using modern technology, highly developed logistics network and continued education of every used cooking oil producer, our system guarantees further utilization of the energy potential of UCO – as feedstock for production of renewable energy (biofuels). With this circular, green energy business model we contribute to the completion of environmental and climate change goals at EU level.

Our primary objective is to increase the environmental awareness of both the industry and the households for proper collection of used cooking oil. Sunilens is striving towards zero-waste practices for cleaner environment and reducing the risk of water and soil pollution. The circular economy system for used cooking oil management increases the quality of life for citizens by enabling adequate collection and recycling of this waste material into renewable energy, which leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment.


We provide services to over 800 used cooking oil producers in the Macedonian food industry through a reliable collection system with highly developed logistics and professionally trained waste management team. Our eco services ensure timely and hygienic collection and disposal of UCO in special containers, safe transportation, storage and professional recycling in accordance with the European standards for environmental sustainability. Once collected, the oil is transported, de-packed, heated, cleaned, filtered and then sent to biodiesel plants in Europe.


We have created a synergy between the delivery and collection processes related to the vegetable cooking oil management cycle we offer to our clients. When we deliver fresh vegetable cooking oils to food producers, our logistics system also provides waste collection services for UCO that is disposed during food preparation. With these eco services we have taken the responsibility of collecting, transporting, storing and recycling used cooking oil. In the process, we create additional economic and environmental values from this waste, transforming it into eco feedstock for biodiesel.

Our goal is to facilitate production of sustainable, environmentally friendly biodiesel from renewable energy sources and to protect the environment from improper disposal of used cooking oil. Our collecting system is in full compliance with the National Law on Waste Management and the Environmental Law, while our UCO management system is also certified according to the strictest European industry standards.

We collect your used cooking oil with compensation and provide special containers and collection packages.

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