We are certified supplier holding a registered waste carriers license for collection, transportation, storage and recycling of used cooking oil (UCO). Our professional team at the Waste Management Department is fully dedicated to providing eco services to every used cooking oil producer such as restaurants, hotels, food service companies, supermarkets, industrial food producers and businesses that use vegetable cooking oils in food preparation. The used cooking oil collection procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Signing a waste management agreement for collection of used cooking oil which clearly explains the collection processes and stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties.
  • Delivery of free containers, drums and other collection packages for safe and hygienic disposal, collection and storage of UCO.
  • Direct communication with every used cooking oil producer to plan and organise efficient collection schedules.
  • Collection of used cooking oil and delivery of new clean containers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Issuing a controlled waste transfer note for each collected quantity of used cooking oil.
  • Developed logistics network for collection and transportation of UCO in specially equipped vehicles to the storage facility in our Waste Management Department.


Storage and sedimentation of the used cooking oil we collect takes place in special inox cisterns and tanks that provide the most appropriate conditions for this process. We have fully standardized our used cooking oil management system in terms of the logistics, operational and technical procedures in accordance with the highest industry standards.


Sunilens uses modern equipment and unique technology for thermal processing, purification, filtration and analysis of used cooking oil. Once collected, the used cooking oil is transported, de-packed, heated, cleaned, filtered and then sent for recycling to biodiesel plants in Europe. Every litre of waste cooking oil that we collect undergoes the following processes:

  • Thermal treatment of every quantity in a separate heating system designed for this purpose.
  • Filtration phases using special filters with different sizes in various stages of the process.
  • Sedimentation and additional heating in special inox storage tanks.
  • Preparation of eco feedstock with final filtration and thermal treatment ready for export to the European biodiesel market.
  • Lab analysis of the quality and specifications of the final product.

We collect your used cooking oil with compensation and provide special containers and collection packages.

If you would like to find out more about our used cooking oil collection system, contact us below and our team will answer all your questions:

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