In December 2012, Sunilens and the Department of Urbanism and Environmental Protection of the Municipality of Ohrid introduced an innovative eco pilot project “Collection of Used Cooking Oil from Households”. The pilot project implementation was initiated after achieving excellent results in used cooking oil collection from the food industry in Ohrid.

The eco project was launched on December 13, 2012 with an official press conference in the Municipality of Ohrid. The event was attended by representatives of the Department of Urbanism and Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Sunilens, local environmental associations, media and interested citizens. The representatives of Sunilens explained in detail how used cooking oil will be collected from households, its further treatment and recycling as part of the company’s waste management system. The importance of developing waste collection practices among every household and increasing the public awareness on the negative impact of used cooking oil to the environment were some of the key points announced during the press conference.

„The main goal of this pilot project is to create waste management habits in every household in order to avoid dumping of the used cooking oil in the sewerage or in the yards. Instead, we want to motivate people to treat the oil in a way that will protect the environment,“ – stated Havza Rexhep Kakel from the Department of Environmental Protection of Municipality of Ohrid.

The project financed the procurement of 400 plastic containers (capacity of 3 litres), which were distributed to the citizens of Ohrid during four eco actions organized by Sunilens, as licenced used cooking oil collector (waste management company), and the local Municipal representatives. The project also covered the production of 500 leaflets with promotional-educational content that were circulated to interested citizens. Around 150 litres of used cooking oils were collected from households who properly selected and disposed the used cooking oil. The entire project received significant media coverage that contributed additionally to the promotion of green environmental practices for adequate used cooking oil collection.

Our cooperation with interested citizens that developed waste management habits for selection and collection of used cooking oil as a result of this project continues to this day. In the following period, we are planning to implement new projects and educational campaigns for massive stimulation of households to collect used cooking oil and make important individual contributions towards green circular economy and cleaner environment.

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For media coverage of the project, visit:

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